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Written Testimonials

Quality of Staff

“The staff that  Soyring brings to the facility was essentially members of our hospital family.  We treated them like management staff here at the hospital. They participated  in other meetings besides just focusing on the projects. They had vision of the  broader goals and strategic objectives of the hospital and were instrumental in  carrying out the hospital’s mission overall not just for the project that we  hired them for.”

CEO, Community Hospital

“Soyring was very professional; had highly qualified people  coming in and doing their job. The people had expertise in their area, whether  it was measures, whether it was numbers, whether it was HR or position issues.  They brought in a person that was an expert in each of those areas.”

CNO, Community Hospital

“It was a productive positive experience and working with  their consultant was a pleasure. The consultants were very knowledgeable,  hard-working, and organized with all process improvements. The consultants set  a high standard and were very successful in training new staff.”

Director of CESS, Respiratory Care, and  Pulmonary Diagnostics, Major   Metropolitan Hospital

“Soyring was  professional, skilled, and able to work with staff. I was very impressed by all  and had a wonderful working relationship with them. The consultant really  turned around a very difficult unit.”

Administrator Inpatient Services, Community Hospital

“Soyring’s consultant was very knowledgeable and responsive.  They communicated clearly with the staff and made recommendations that have  positively impacted the department. Great job!

Vice President Patient Services, Major   Hospital

“Soyring’s interim director provided leadership and support  culminating in a well-run department. They offered a personal touch and made an  effort to involve me in every step along the way as I was new to my role as  administrator.

Administrator of Quality Management, Major   Hospital

“The Soyring consultant integrated rapidly and gave  stability to a dysfunctional department. The consultant was a wonderful partner  in the Quality arena and I appreciate their total immersion into fixing the  problem.

Vice President Medical Affairs, Major   Hospital


Quality of Services

“I’ve had long-term relationship with Soyring’s leadership  and consulting staff through Denice Higman. I know that they would provide  consultants with the knowledge and expertise that I can count on. I have been  thrilled with the consultants that we have worked with and I feel I have always  been supported with some of the best consultants they have to offer.”

Senior VP and CNO, Community Hospital

 “Soyring offers  quality. I can certainly go with other consultants who, in some ways, are  better well-known. These other consulting companies didn’t offer exactly what  Soyring was offering. I thought that offering both the management piece as well  as the consulting piece was unique.”

Associate Administrator and CNE, Major Metropolitan   Hospital

“Soyring assisted us as far as getting our nurse staffing  under control, which helped to increase productivity and reduce salary costs.  As we transitioned our QI department, Soyring also worked very closely with the physician who had taken over QI to help him transition to his position and help reorganize the department to meet our needs. Currently, we are in the  process of establishing new standards both clinically and productivity-wise for  our Emergency Department and Soyring has been very involved in that  process.“

CEO, Community   Hospital

“The Soyring  consultant worked very hard in a difficult environment to initiate change with  the hospital. It was refreshing to have a director who knew where they were  going and where they needed to eventually be. Kudos!”

Pediatric Medical Director, Major   Hospital

“Soyring Consulting was with us for 9 months and made  tremendous strides with the staff and implementation of changes.

Associate Vice President Patient Services, Major Hospital

“Soyring Consulting was excellent and I would highly  recommend them.”
COO, Regional Hospital

 “Soyring’s  consultants were very knowledgeable in their field. They worked well with the  existing culture and community to make the necessary changes and they brought  structure and organization to a division that had neither. They had the  expertise to do this with the limited resources available.

Administrator Inpatient Services, Major   Hospital

“I would certainly recommend  hiring the Soyring (Consulting) company, and I would hire them again for our  medical center. One of the things that they have done is always provide us with  information when we've asked for it. They've given us consistent reports and  have taken suggestions from us. The things that they have recommended have been  things that have worked. The recommendations have been reasonable and  implementable and that is what you look for when choosing a consulting company.  We've always found them to be knowledgeable and that makes for a good  consultant in my book.”

CNO, Children’s Focused Hospital

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