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Improving Central Scheduling Throughput

Inefficient Central Scheduling can cost a facility valuable time, money, and frustration for both patient and provider. Soyring has engaged in numerous projects to improve Central Scheduling throughput across the country. This case study is from a West Coast Hospital's Outpatient Imaging Center. Find out how to apply this knowledge to improving your Central Scheduling throughput.

This case study describes the analysis, recommendations and implementation of the Community Wide scheduling process.  The administration was receiving multiple complaints from providers, patients and employees, on the amount of time it was taking to schedule an exam.  Providers were sending patients out of the community to get timely MRI exams completed.  A thorough assessment of the process was needed.

Do you have optimal Central Scheduling throughput? 

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  • An overview of results from a Central Scheduling throughput assessment and implementation at a West Coast Outpatient Imaging Center
  • How to apply this knowledge to improve your Central Scheduling throughput
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