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Cost Savings & Efficiency

Achieve A Better Budget Without Compromising Care Quality

The Affordable Care Act (or “Obamacare”) has changed the landscape of hospital and healthcare facility reimbursement, as well as patient populations’ insurance coverage. These still-new developments lead to one conclusion: Hospitals need to find cost savings wherever possible.

Cost reduction can prove to be a delicate proposition: The need to meet or exceed long-term goals must balance with the handling of short-term problems. At Soyring Consulting, we understand that your healthcare facility may require cost-reduction strategies in order to streamline expenses and function more effectively, and we can work with administrators, physicians, and staff to ensure a satisfactory result.

Partnering with an unbiased third-party, expert consultant team can be the best course of action to find savings in all areas, including those that administration may not have considered such as Case Management, Materials Cost Reduction, Service Contract Cost Reduction, and Workforce Strategy.

Case Management

By evaluating Case Management and the Utilization Review processes via data, interviews, and observations, our team can assess a facility or system.
Learn more about a case management assessment »

Materials Cost Reduction

Implementing an efficient and sustainable approach to effectively assess and control supply/equipment costs can help hospitals quickly reduce waste while improving both short- and long-term bottom-line results.
Learn more about materials cost reduction and standardization »

Service Contract Cost Reduction

Many organizations rely on long-term contracts to deliver goods and services in order to deliver care to their patients. Through our experience with clients all over the country, we have knowledge of the contract opportunities and negotiating techniques that our other clients have taken advantage of in order to save money.
Learn more about how we can review your organization’s contracts to identify those cost-savings opportunities »

Workforce Strategy

Soyring Consulting has worked with clients of various sizes to develop and manage productivity statistics to meet our clients’ budgetary goals. Read more about each area of labor and productivity, and how our team can provide metrics and processes to meet them for your system, facility, and departments:

“Soyring assisted us as far as getting our nurse staffing under control, which helped to increase productivity and reduce salary costs. As we transitioned our QI department, Soyring also worked very closely with the physician who had taken over QI to help him transition to his position and help reorganize the department to meet our needs. Currently, we are in the process of establishing new standards both clinically and productivity-wise for our Emergency Department and Soyring has been very involved in that process.“


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