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Emergency Department

Improve ED Throughput and Efficiency

Soyring and Press Ganey's Clinical and Operational Consulting experts can assist you with Emergency Services consulting by identifying issues that may be impeding efficiency within your department. 

Focus Areas & Offerings:

We can save you both time and money by analyzing processes and providing solutions in the following areas:
  • Patients and Families
  • Patients Left without Being Seen
  • Physician
  • Staff
  • Medic
  • Staff Vacancies
  • Staff Turnover
  • Cost per Visit or Unit of Service
  • Revenue per Unit of Service
  • Collections
  • Registration
  • Identification of Clinical Revenue Enhancement Methodologies
Special Projects/Events
  • Strategic Program Planning
  • Analysis of Department Design
  • Staff Work Flow and Productivity
  • Regulatory Agency Inspection Preparation
  • IT Implementation
  • Staffing and Skill Mix
  • Length of Stay
  • Door to Triage
  • Door to Physician
  • Door to Discharge
  • Admission Order to Physical Transfer from Department
  • Effective Throughput Strategies
  • Productivity Management Patient Volume by Time of Day / Day of Week
  • Patient Registration
  • Patient Returns
  • Outpatient Capacity Issues
Strategic Growth
  • Patient Throughput
  • ED Volume
  • Volume Trends
  • Trauma Activation/Alerts
  • Diversion Frequency
  • Staff Education and Needs
Freestanding EDs
With freestanding EDs becoming a more common model of emergency care, it is important that they have the capability of performing at the same level, if not better, than hospital EDs due to their accessibility and implication of providing faster, more efficient care to its patients in the community. Our Emergency Department Consultants can assess all aspects of a hospital emergency department setting at a freestanding ED, including:
  • Availability/On-site Diagnostic Services (e.g., lab and imaging)
  • Staff Roles and Responsibilities
  • Staff
  • Skill Mix
  • Process and Procedures
  • Patient and Staff Satisfaction
  • Productivity
  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Planning

“Soyring assisted us as far as getting our nurse staffing under control, which helped to increase productivity and reduce salary costs. As we transitioned our QI department, Soyring also worked very closely with the physician who had taken over QI to help him transition to his position and help reorganize the department to meet our needs. Currently, we are in the process of establishing new standards both clinically and productivity-wise for our Emergency Department and Soyring has been very involved in that process.“


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