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Ensure Your Endoscopy Department Provides Optimal Care and Safety For Your Patients

The health and safety of patients entering your facility’s endoscopy department are of paramount importance. Given the potential of multi-drug resistant bacterial infections caused by flexible endoscopes, your management team should consider assessing current practices, including scope reprocessing, operational workflow, and overall department operations related to infection control practices.

Soyring’s team, now part of Press Ganey, has experience at more than 1,000 facilities and systems nationwide and is able to review all relevant aspects of the endoscopy department:

  • Standards of practice
  • Scope reprocessing
  • Patient flow
  • Patient preparation, including pre-authorization, registration, and triage
  • Staffing and skill mix
  • Anesthesia coverage
  • Space/Environment usage
  • Procedure scheduling and access to the schedule by physicians (both GI and non-GI)
  • Efficiency, including on-time starts, room utilization and case turnover, and benchmarks
  • Hours of staffed open rooms compared to procedure volume
  • Specialty procedure training and organization (e.g., ERCP, EGD, Super D, EBUS, etc.)

Our team works with management, staff, and physicians to evaluate all areas of the endoscopy department, including endoscopy suites, prep and recovery, and scope reprocessing areas.

“The Soyring consultant integrated rapidly and gave stability to a dysfunctional department. The consultant was a wonderful partner in the Quality arena and I appreciate their total immersion into fixing the problem.”


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