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Hospital and Departmental Benchmarking

Assess Operations and Define Benchmarks

Soyring Consulting, a Press Ganey Solution, utilizes internal hospital and external resources to perform facility and department-level benchmarking. During the assessment, our team of specialists utilizes their clinical and operational knowledge of the areas to develop department- and facility-specific recommendations that will be in line with the operational realities of each client.

The following scope of work and deliverables are completed in the course of the benchmarking assessment:

Appropriate Facility-Level Benchmarking
  • Determine which facility-level metrics are most appropriate for the client, keeping the following in mind:
    • Facility-level metrics/benchmarks should accurately reflect rolled-up departmental benchmarks
    • Data should be accessible and reliable
    • Potential metrics could include FTEs/AOB, FTEs/CMI Adjusted Discharges, and Total Hours Worked/$10,000 Net Revenue
  • Define methodology for sustained results
    • Define data to be collected
    • Define rationale for the selection of the comparative statistic utilized
    • Define the process improvements and quantify resulting improvements
    • Define and develop the comparative tool that can be utilized for tracking and sustaining operational and financial improvements
Review and Comparison of Standard Data Points
  • Total Patient Days (excluding normal newborns) to determine average daily census (ADC) to convert to Adjusted Occupied Beds
  • Total Patient Discharges (excluding outpatient, observation, and normal newborn discharges)
  • Adjustment factor per acute care facility (Gross Patient Revenue/Inpatient Revenue)
  • Case mix index (CMI) per acute care facility
  • Total Worked Hours (inclusive of contract employees, employee education and orientation) and Paid Hours from payroll files
  • Review of submitted data and raw data elements
  • Identification of data discrepancies and proposed solutions consistent with industry standards
  • Review of results with Finance and finalization of report
Operational Process Review

The team conducts this review at the department level to establish and account for operational realities that affect benchmarks:

  • Review existing processes at all departments
  • Identify process variances that should be taken into consideration in initial and subsequent comparisons as necessary based on review
  • Quantify the variances in order to establish priority process changes and demonstrate importance to the department leadership


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