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Hospital Facility Planning, Design, & Development

Healthcare Facility Consulting for New Construction, Expansion, and Renovations

Soyring Consulting, a Press Ganey Solution, is a leader in the field of hospital planning, design, and development. We utilize our years of hospital design and operational experience to assist with development of new healthcare facilities, redesigns, and workflow optimization immersed in a logical, actionable approach.

Drawing on our experience of healthcare facility operations and processes, we can gauge the value and risks of the project and make recommendations accordingly. The data will ultimately help determine the types of services that should be offered and their priority, the size of the institution, layout and work flow, its location, as well as potential hurdles in the development process.

Our hospital design and hospital planning methodology optimizes the Patient Experience, Patient Access, Patient Satisfaction and Support Services. 

The Phases Include:

Phase I: Primary Architectural Hospital Planning Assistance
  • Site identification
  • Strategic Planning & Market research
  • Service line organization and determination
  • Review of plans
  • Help select and/or work with architecture firm
  • Provide guidance on layout and throughput strategies
  • Aid with other needs as they arise during the construction process
Phase II: Data Process & Analysis
  • Determination of best operational practices based on facility type/offerings
  • Comparison against benchmarks
  • Medical Staff Integration
  • Financial and Budgetary Analysis (including Pro Forma)
  • Process Design
  • Productivity & Staffing
Phase III: Materials & Resource Analysis
Phase IV: Operational Implementation
  • Operational planning for hospital changes/opening
  • Development and oversight of workgroups
  • Trial plans and implementation (including mock patients/procedures)
  • Regulatory compliance

Our Clinical and Operational Improvement Consulting experts are highly experienced in design and facility layouts to meet standards of care by specialty area. We are also experts in the evaluation of design to meet patient and material flow considerations.

Read our hospital planning customer testimonials to understand why more than 90% of our clients choose to work with us on additional hospital development projects. To envision what our tea can do for your healthcare facility, view a Soyring Consulting hospital design & planning process case study.

Featured Resource:


Building Design Elements & Features and Their Effects on the Patient Experience

“The staff that Soyring brings to the facility was essentially members of our hospital family. We treated them like management staff here at the hospital. They participated in other meetings besides just focusing on the projects. They had vision of the broader goals and strategic objectives of the hospital and were instrumental in carrying out the hospital’s mission overall not just for the project that we hired them for.”


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