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Interim Management

Bridge the gap until you find the right hire for your healthcare facility

See how we've helped 800+ hospitals achieve real results.


Interim management is the temporary provision of management at your hospital when an employee leaves or in the event you need to let someone go.

In either scenario, finding the right qualified talent can be a real challenge. Soyring can help.

We've got the most experienced team to bridge the gap as long as required (a typical engagement lasts three to 12 months):

  • 10+ years' experience in management positions
  • Support from a team of experts in data analysis and other hospitals departments

But, our experts do more than fill the seat: We use our expertise to enhance your facility's operations while on-site. An interim manager (at the manager, director, or C-level) will perform the following functions:

  • Analyze data, benchmark performance, and identify barriers that impede optimal performance
  • Address opportunities identified in your department
  • Manage finances
  • Assist with training and development of staff
  • Ensure smooth transition when a new candidate is found
  • Provide experience and leadership
  • Assist with current initiatives of the healthcare organization

Let our experienced professionals achieve the results you need in your facility within hospital administration, surgical services (including sterile processing), ED, nursing/clinical units, diagnostic services, supply chain management, financial services, outpatient services, or support services.

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