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Interim Management

Quality leadership is a key success factor to any healthcare organization, and Soyring, now part of Press Ganey,  understands that finding the right person for your facility can take time. Our consultants can assist in screening, as well as ease the transition process by providing training and mentoring for new leadership.

Our consultants have extensive knowledge in their fields and are supported by a team of experts who will conduct an assessment by analyzing data, benchmarking performance, and identifying the barriers that impede optimal performance. Based on data and organizational priorities, our Interim Consultant will provide day-to-day management and leadership, develop action plans, and begin the implementation of performance improvement strategies.

Soyring Consulting’s, a Press Ganey Solution, approach combines experience and the ability to rapidly implement substantial performance improvements.

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“Soyring’s interim director provided leadership and support culminating in a well-run department. They offered a personal touch and made an effort to involve me in every step along the way as I was new to my role as administrator.”


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