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Lean Transformation Offering

The Press Ganey Lean Transformation offering guides organizations through the phases of Lean transformation to build and sustain robust process improvement to improve experience of care and drive a culture of high reliability.

Our approach is customized to meet you where you are, understanding your context and your organization’s unique goals. There are four phases included in the complete transformation. During the Lean Transformation process Press Ganey will typically provide/support the following engagement activities:

  • Assessment & Goal Setting
  • Strategy Deployment
  • Lean Demonstration Projects
  • Lean Essentials Training
  • Daily Management System Implementation
  • Targeted Rapid Improvement Activities
  • Leader Coaching
Framework Customized to Meet Your Where You Are

“The staff that Soyring brings to the facility was essentially members of our hospital family. We treated them like management staff here at the hospital. They participated in other meetings besides just focusing on the projects. They had vision of the broader goals and strategic objectives of the hospital and were instrumental in carrying out the hospital’s mission overall not just for the project that we hired them for.”


Ready to Engage in Lean Transformation?

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