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Marketing & Competitive Positioning

Do You Have a Strategic Plan for Growth? 

Healthcare is an increasingly competitive environment across the evolving care continuum with hospitals, physician groups, and post-acute facilities vying for position in similar markets. Planning and strategies for growth must take into account your healthcare facility’s position within the marketplace. Strong brand equity and clear messaging based around your strategic priorities are vital to the continued success of your organizational mission.

Soyring Consulting is uniquely positioned with our staff of healthcare marketing and operational specialists. Our team will assist in evaluating your current activities and provide recommendations to drive growth and improve your return on investment (ROI) through carefully evaluating your marketing and branding. We provide actionable recommendations to reinforce your role in the community and grow key service areas.

Here is an overview of the activities and areas of review on which Soyring can focus its engagement (Brand Assessment, Marketing Evaluation, Marketing Planning, Physician Referrals and Relationships):

Brand Assessment
  • Review of current branding
    • Logo(s) and visual elements
    • Creative
    • Message platform
  • Branding impact
    • Look and feel
    • Audience segmentation and testing
  • Messaging for a current and future environment
    • Current message platform
    • Platforms by service lines
    • Message testing
      • Mechanisms
      • Outcomes
  • Brand valuation
    • Messaging effectiveness
    • Competitive viability
    • Market research outcomes (as applicable)
      • Key findings
      • Market segmentation
      • Brand value
Marketing Evaluation
  • Review of current marketing activities
    • Market research
    • By type
      • Direct mail
      • Advertising placements
      • SEO, SEM (e.g., AdWords, Bing Ads)
  • Marketing effectiveness
    • Conversion
    • Measurement mechanisms
  • Analysis of quality developments to assist in message platform development
    • HCAHPS
    • High-level quality outcomes (recent Joint Commission, DNV, or state surveys)
    • Custom metrics, as applicable
  • Patient outreach review
    • Disease-segment and service-line initiatives
    • Education opportunities
    • Partnerships
  • Community outreach review
    • Events (information and educational)
    • Local partnerships
    • Communication tools
    • Fundraisers
Marketing Planning
  • Review of current marketing plan
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals
    • Assumptions
    • Market analysis
    • Growth initiatives
  • Media expenditures and outcomes (over past 3 years)
    • Spending by media type
    • Reach by media type
    • Spending by campaign
    • Reach by campaign
    • ROI calculations
    • Other metrics utilized
  • Public relations impact
    • Media relationships
    • Publication and reach
    • Social media
    • Events
    • Other tools
  • Marketing/PR/Strategy personnel
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Organizational structure
    • Productivity metrics (as applicable)
    • Comparison against industry standards and other similar clients
Physician Referrals & Relationships
  • Referral patterns
    • Primary care, acute and post-acute referrals
    • Referral patterns by specialty area
    • Trending by procedure/visit type
    • Leakage and potential market share
  • Physician satisfaction
    • Survey and measurement tools
    • Effectiveness of satisfaction initiatives
  • Communication tools/channels
    • Materials, meetings, and events
    • Liaison training and scripting, if any
  • Reporting/tracking mechanisms
    • Reputation/opinions
  • Current strategies employed
    • Service-line focuses

“The Soyring consultant worked very hard in a difficult environment to initiate change with the hospital. It was refreshing to have a director who knew where they were going and where they needed to eventually be. Kudos!”


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