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Master Planning

Plan for the Future of Your Facility's Space and Services

On Master Planning engagements, Soyring, now part of Press Ganey, acts as a strategic partner to assess the current environment of your healthcare facility, the community, and market demand for services now and in the future. We will develop recommendations through an interactive process that will include interviews with Medical Staff Leadership, Major Service Line Leaders, Business Management, Facilities Management, Strategy/Planning, and Administration to understand their perceptions of master planning needs. Our process is based on data analysis and interviews and augmented by reviews of major service areas (particularly in planning for high-/low-performing areas).

During the engagement Soyring will conduct an in-depth analysis to determine the future needs and impact on operations and facility requirements by reviewing the following:

Evaluation of the Existing Facilities
  • Facility evaluation
  • Documentation of space
  • Review existing site plans and layouts
  • Interfacing projects
  • Investigate facility opportunities
  • Analysis of owned and leased facilities
Demographic Analysis
  • Population health needs review
    • Disease states by zip code, primary, secondary, tertiary services areas
    • Epidemiological analysis (e.g. expected incidence distribution vs actual)
    • Demographics by diagnosis by zip code, primary and secondary service areas
    • Service line implications
  • Environmental considerations
    • Care coordination
    • Primary care, acute, sub-acute and long-term care
    • Existing/planned/potential partnerships
Market Analysis
  • Review of current strategic initiatives
  • Review of market demand
  • Develop future market scenarios
  • Review competitive positioning
  • Market share by service line
  • Organizational opportunities/strengths
  • Impact of utilization on market and strategy findings
Care Delivery
  • Work flow process & utilization analysis
  • Care delivery model
    • Review current care delivery system(s) used
  • Review congruence of practices and departmental policies
  • Use of waiting/holding areas
  • Bottlenecks
  • Transport/transfer process
  • Care planning
  • Patient and procedural volumes and trends
  • Patient throughput
    • Length of stay review
    • LOS by unit/diagnosis
  • Review contributing factors to extended LOS compared to benchmark
  • Review of Ancillary/Support Department interfaces and interactions
Scenario Planning
  • Development of Planning & Space Configuration Options
  • Optimization analysis of work flow for new space
  • Space and adjacency impact on operational performance and growth
  • Travel distances
  • Operational “workarounds”
  • Capacity
  • Flexibility
  • Examine configuration options
  • Examine opportunities to redesign existing departments/service lines
  • Potential new service areas and impacts
  • Potential consolidation of departments/units (if applicable)
  • Creation of facility options to consider for better operational performance
  • Weigh key indicators to rank the options
  • Review of modeling outcomes and development of recommendations
Scenario Cost Analysis
  • Cost of renovation/construction for impacted areas
  • Operating cost impact based on care disruption
  • Cost reduction opportunities based on care model redesign
  • Equipment costing and analysis
  • Staffing impact
  • Pro forma development for new/expanding services
Implementation Planning
  • Work Project Prioritization
  • Discuss strategies proposed
  • Review potential obstacles
  • Analyze key strategic issues and priorities
  • Identify implementation difficulties
  • Finalize metrics and milestones


“I’ve had long-term relationship with Soyring’s leadership and consulting staff through Denice Higman. I know that they would provide consultants with the knowledge and expertise that I can count on. I have been thrilled with the consultants that we have worked with and I feel I have always been supported with some of the best consultants they have to offer.”

Senior VP and CNO, Community Hospital

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