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February 28, 2011

4 Tips for a Positive Orthopedic Surgery Center Environment

Soyring Consulting’s Manager, Adam Higman, shares some information on business practices to help create a positive environment and culture at orthopedic surgery centers.

1. Define your company's values.  Leadership must take the time to communicate the meaning of values to staff members so that the values can really become ingrained in the fabric of the culture.

2. Emphasize teamwork.  Leadership should be integrated and fostered in all areas of surgery, including the OR, patient waiting rooms, and PACU.

3. Pay attention to business practices.  Business practices, such as product standardization, are an ongoing process, says Adam Higman, Manager at Soyring Consulting, a healthcare solutions company based in St. Petersburg, Fl.  Product standardization can save money for the surgery center and the concept must become part of the center's culture.  The first thing a surgery center should do is elect a staff member to follow-up with this process.  "That individual then needs to make sure invoicing for contracted products are all correct, rebate checks are being properly received, physicians are uniformly using the same products, and that everything a vendor promises is put down in writing," he says.  "This individual also needs to track all the transactions and provide updates to the rest of the center.  It's about setting up a culture and expectation that the road to savings is ongoing."

4. Encourage good infection control techniques.

To learn how to improve your surgery center, read the full article from Orthopedic & Spine.

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