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September 4, 2010

Common New Management Mistakes with ADVANCED for Medical Laboratory Professionals

New managers are often faced with the daunting task to succeed in their workplace and are given very little guidance at how to do this.  First-time lab managers face numerous challenges and the key to overcoming them is approaching them the right way. 

When stepping into a managerial role, recognize these common errors many first-time lab managers face.

1.         Micromanaging

Managers truly believe that the only way to get the job done is for them to simply do it themselves.

2.          No Direction

Being a new lab manager, you may find it uncomfortable to provide direction to employees since you are no longer equals in the workplace. 

3.          Too Many Changes

Becoming a new manager is a big enough change your employees will already have to deal with.  Piling on more unnecessary changes may lead to confusion and the questioning of your integrity. 

4.          Shh!  Be Quiet!

Talking and not listening and not asking for advice are two communication problems many new lab managers encounter.

As Soyring Consulting points out, "Failure to seek advice and establish relationships with managerial peers in other departments" is another big mistake new managers make.   You want to avoid errors as much as possible and be on your way to becoming a great manager.

To learn how you can avoid these errors, read the full article from ADVANCE for Medical Laboratory Professionals.

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