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April 1, 2010

Inventory Management: What Healthcare and Hospital Decision Makers Need to Know

Soyring lends its Materials Management expertise to the April cover story for Cardiovascular Business. The story focuses on "Inventory Management: What Decision Makers Need to Know" and features one of our Senior Materials Management Consultants, Carl Roeder, BS, CRCST. Carl lends his 30+ years experience from over 250 facilities to explain key issues that administrators should know about Materials Management.

One of the bottom line concepts that Carl discusses is that "if the inventory budget is increasing every year rather than decreasing, there's a problem." Additional tips include properly knowing and optimizing automation and software solutions, as well as ensuring your documentation and staffing practices are up to par.

If you are seeing an increase in your inventory budget or have other materials management needs and would like more information on how we can help: Contact Us.

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