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August 9, 2010

Managing Your Referral Relationships with North Florida Doctor Magazine

“A career in marketing probably isn’t what most physicians had in mind when they enrolled in Medical School…[but] You’re running a business, and you have bills to pay, says Higman, Marketing is a means to an end —a must have”

Here are a few tips from Soyring’s resident marketing expert:

  • Track your referrals either manually or with software. If you know where they are coming from it will give you a good idea of where to focus your marketing efforts
  • Identify a physician liaison. This can be a full-time position or something your office manager or a staff member does, essentially make sure you are getting face/phone time with your referring physicians
  • Provide referring physicians with a reason to send their patients to you (and yes, it should be related to the quality patient care you provide)
  • Only make claims that can be substantiated just as you would do if you were doing research. Use data on patient outcomes or that you are the only surgeon in the area to offer a certain procedure, do not make blanket claims that you are the best or brightest

Read the full article on Managing Your Referral Relationships or the Virtual Magazine - Managing Your Referral Relationships, located on page 38

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