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June 9, 2010

Soyring interviewed by Hospital & Health Networks on "Neuro's Big Redo"

In the June issue of the American Hospital Association's Hospital & Health Networks (H&HN) magazine Denice Soyring Higman, founder and president of Soyring Consulting, discusses "Neuro's Big Redo." 

Denice focuses on how the changing neurology landscape allows for any size hospital to establish a reputable neurology institute or practice. The key points she mentions include team integration and a proper analysis of the neurology market in your area.

"The decision to create a more formal integrated neuroscience institute depends on several factors, including the community demand for complex services, the hospital's proximity to an academic medical center and the local supply of the necessary specialists or ability to recruit them, Higman says."

Click to read the full Hospital & Health Network's article Neuro's Big Redo

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