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September 1, 2011

The APN Can See You Now

In continuing with strategies and tips for healthcare executives, Dollars & Sense is taking a look at Advanced Practice Nurses and where they stand in your organization.  Read below for an excerpt from Dollars & Sense:

Role of APNs

To better understand the role of APNs, look closer at their roles, responsibilities and reporting structure to ensure that your facility is productively using its resources.  Administration must show support of APNs and their role in the organization.  APNs provide continuity of patient care, consistent physician support and expert knowledge, and can assist with teaching services where residents rotate monthly/bimonthly.  In this regard, APNs must establish strong clinical relationships with collaborating physicians, residents/fellows and clinical staff.

Do Your APNs Have a Leader?

For larger, often teaching facilities, standardizing the APN leadership and reporting structure to be centralized under one nurse administrator with APN certification is ideal.  For other facilities, a clear reporting structure through nursing or the medical staff with input from both is needed, keeping in mind that an APN leader is still needed at the manager or director level. 

Typical responsibilities for APN leadership include:

  • Monitoring of the credentialing timeline, coordinating APN on-boarding/orientation processes for newly hired APNs
  • Monitoring/coordinating the re-credentialing process, which includes quality measurements, peer review, support documentation, etc.
  • Monitoring and directing APN productivity and revenue capture
  • Facilitating communication between APNs inter- and intra-departmentally
  • Coordination of APN schedules to ensure coverage
  • Oversee development of APN staff:
    • Cross-training
    • Meeting performance expectations within service lines/specialty
    • Performance evaluations

For more information, read The APN Can See You Now from Executive Insight.

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