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August 25, 2015

The First Three Steps to Putting a Growth Plan into Place

If you’re considering putting a growth plan into place, you’re probably wondering where to begin. Growth plans are most successful when they are strategically focused, meaning you will want to zero in on a few key areas. In this article, we will help you kick-start your plans for growth with tips that will help you develop your plans from a marketing perspective, as well as provide a link to additional marketing tips and physician recruitment strategies to support growth.

Creating a successful marketing analysis is key to successful growth planning. Here are the first three steps to complete this vital evaluation:


1. Analyze the Current Market Environment

It is critical to understand your current market environment so that you can adequately adjust to its needs. You will want to gain an understanding of the perceptions associated with your organization and its associated services. Use focus groups, surveys, and other marketing research tools to understand the perceptions that exist in your environment and location.


2. Develop Messaging to Address Those Concerns

Once you have determined the perceptions that are relevant to your organization, utilize marketing techniques to develop messaging to address any concerns. These techniques can range from press releases to social media and email to advertising campaigns. The main goal of this process is to help correct any misconceptions that your audience may have about healthcare, your facility, or even the services you provide. By informing the population about your organization, its abilities, and the benefits you offer, you will help your potential patients see the best in your organization, which will in turn help your facility’s growth efforts.


3. Understand the Concentration of Primary and Specialty Physicians in Your Market

Next, take a look at the numbers of primary and specialty physicians in your market area. How saturated are these providers compared to the demand for their services? Compare this analysis to disease trends in your area to determine if there is a gap between the need for services and the availability of the providers for the services needed. Doing this analysis will add more direction to your growth strategy by allowing you to see where the needs are currently, where the needs are projected to be, and how these demands are being met.


Next Steps

For more details about creating a marketing analysis, as well as ideas for physician recruitment to support your organization’s strategic growth, download Soyring’s free quick guide How to Use Marketing and Physician Recruitment for Strategic Growth.

If you would like the assistance of a third party for your strategic planning, Soyring Consulting can help. We specialize in many areas of strategic and facility planning, including strategic planning, master facility planning, design, and development.

Contact us through our online form or call 866-345-3887 today to learn more.

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