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April 28, 2010

Women's and Children's Study Discusses WIC with Soyring SVP

Soyring Consulting Senior Vice President, Joyce Converse, was cited in a Health Behavior News Service article on the effects of WIC. Joyce has a strong background in Women's and Children's services among her other expertise.

The article discussed a study which said that WIC had a moderate effect on birth outcomes. However, Joyce discussed WIC's merits in her interview:

"WIC should not be judged by its effect on birth outcomes alone, said Joyce Converse, a registered nurse clinician who has worked directly with WIC participants in the high-risk program and with postpartum referrals.

“Improving maternal nutrition for the developing fetus at any gestation is a potential benefit,” Converse said. “[The study] also does not address the potential benefits of this program after birth"

Converse, who also is senior vice president of a health care consulting company, said she would like to see further research: “Since the benefits were not profound, I would hope that any cost-benefit of the WIC program would not be decided based on this study, which still has limitations."

 The original Health Behavior News Service article on Women's and Children's Health

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