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April 6, 2011

Your ED: 5 Steps to Shorter Stays & Happier Patients

Hospitals typically see greater than 50 percent of their admissions from patients first seen in the Emergency Department, making it the unofficial "front door" of the hospital. The impression you give at your front door is critical in establishing your reputation in the community and ensuring that you continue to attract patients.

Better Length of Stay in 5 Steps

1. Better Bedding

The sooner patients feel that they are being seen by ED personnel, the higher the satisfaction they will perceive.

2. Scheduling

With scheduling, the key is to evaluate your volume trends and mirror your staffing to those trends by day/time/season to prevent labor shortages.

3. Diagnostic Testing

Test results are a key factor in improving the time from bed to decision. Utilizing standard protocols for clinical care pathways will help get speedy results by standardizing tests for common complaints.

4. Notification

The use of communication devices to keep key team members in the loop enables staff to know immediately when results have been received and whether follow-up is needed.

5. Troubleshooting

To improve bed-to-admission/transfer/discharge, get case management involved early and often when patients fall outside of your normal length of stay and require better coordination between other departments.

For more information on each of these steps, read the full article from Executive Insight Magazine.

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