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Oncology Services

Oncology Service Assistance for Existing or New Programs

Whether your organization already offers Oncology Services or is exploring the development or expansion of an oncology program, enlisting the assistance of a partner will ensure all aspects of your offering are fully considered and optimized. There are multiple moving parts with regard to oncology care, including clinical operations, physician practice management, accrediting bodies, facility planning, and finance, that all come together so your facility can offer the most comprehensive, personalized, and compassionate care possible. Soyring’s team has experience at more than 1,000 healthcare facilities and systems nationwide and is able to review and implement strategies in all relevant aspects of Oncology Services for both new and existing programs:

Focus Areas & Offerings:

Clinical Operations
  • Process development
  • Policies and procedures
  • Assessment and/or development of required services (e.g., imaging, hospice/palliative care, genetic testing/counseling, pathology, etc.)
  • Assessment and/or development of documentation forms
  • Day-in-the-life scenario development and execution
  • Referral process to other physician specialties
  • Service line review/development
Revenue Cycle
  • Charge Master development
  • Pricing strategy
  • Patient registration process
  • Insurance verification
  • Co-pay collection
  • Billing
  • Coding
  • Collections
  • Denials process
  • Capital budget development
  • Operational budget development
  • Staffing benchmarks and planning
Human Resources
  • Job descriptions
  • Posting positions
  • Candidate screening and selection
  • Reporting structure
Facility Planning
  • Space design
  • Construction
  • Support functions (i.e., laundry, supplies, equipment, waste management)
Physician On-boarding
  • Physician credentialing with hospital
  • Physician credentialing with insurers
  • Call coverage
  • Communications
  • Marketing
  • Strategy for current patients
Accreditation Preparation
  • Preparation and management through certification
  • General and service specific
Our team has Oncology Program development expertise and can serve in an interim management role while simultaneously setting up or enhancing a program. They can identify, develop, and implement the action items necessary to have a fully functional program. The team uses those action plans to prioritize and work with physicians and staff to implement approved strategies, as well as provide any necessary mentoring for staff and leadership within the program.

“Soyring was very professional; had highly qualified people coming in and doing their job. The people had expertise in their area, whether it was measures, whether it was numbers, whether it was HR or position issues. They brought in a person that was an expert in each of those areas.”


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