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Other Departments

In addition to departments such as perioperative services and the emergency department, the Soyring team, now part of Press Ganey, includes experts in ancillary, support, technology, and outpatient services. Our top priority is quality patient care across the entire continuum of care.

Diagnostic Services

The Medical Imaging/Radiology, Laboratory, Cardiology, and Rehabilitation Service departments support many patient care areas of a hospital. Timely and efficient use of limited capital equipment and staffing resources is necessary to ensure this support. Our consultants are experts in Diagnostic Services and analyze issues and make recommendations to sustain improvement.

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Information Technology

Our Clinical and Operational Improvement Consulting experts can assist in selecting and implementing the most effective IT system that will enable your healthcare organization to ensure the best possible patient care. We offer IT Selection and Implementation for clinical and operational systems through an in-depth and rapid operational process focusing on your organization’s current infrastructure and resources.

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Oncology Services

Whether your organization already offers Oncology Services or is exploring the development or expansion of an oncology program, enlisting the assistance of a partner will ensure all aspects of your offering are fully considered and optimized. There are multiple moving parts with regard to oncology care, including clinical operations, physician practice management, accrediting bodies, facility planning, and finance, that all come together so your facility can offer the most comprehensive, personalized, and compassionate care possible.

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Practice & Clinic Management

Our team is uniquely capable of evaluating every aspect of clinic practices, ranging from single-provider offices to multiple-site, hospital-based clinics. We offer comprehensive operations reviews, implementation engagements, and interim management services. Our medical clinic team tailors the engagement and implementation measures to the specific needs of your organization and never supplies a one-size-fits-all approach to process or efficiency. We systematically evaluate regulatory compliance, workflows, policies and procedures, training methods, and culture. Our expertise ranges from specialty clinics to primary care. We also offer solutions to fit your current IT infrastructure and meet the organization where it currently stands.

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Support Services

Our team consists of highly experienced leaders in hospital support areas such as Rehabilitation, Environmental Services, Pharmacy, Food and Nutrition, and Biomedical Engineering.

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If your department or service line of interest is not listed above, we encourage you to contact us with your area(s) of concern.

“The staff that Soyring brings to the facility was essentially members of our hospital family. We treated them like management staff here at the hospital. They participated in other meetings besides just focusing on the projects. They had vision of the broader goals and strategic objectives of the hospital and were instrumental in carrying out the hospital’s mission overall not just for the project that we hired them for.”


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