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How Sick Are My Patients?

Learn How You Can Improve Financial and Clinical Outcomes with a Patient Acuity and Workload Process

Nurse leaders are faced with an incredibly challenging time in healthcare:

  • Financial conservativeness caused by changes in reimbursement
  • Sicker patients who require more resources
  • And, a general tone of uncertainty stemming from healthcare reform have led to executive directives all across the country to reduce expense

However, there is a way to effectively balance patient care requirements while managing cost of service delivery within budgetary expectations: Adopt a functional patient acuity and workload process.


From this white paper, you'll learn:

  • Financial and staff benefits for utilizing a patient acuity process
  • How to create a successful acuity work process
  • The difference between an acuity work process and an acuity system

Download today to learn practical talking points for implementing a functional acuity and workload process so your department or facility can begin to see improved outcomes!


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