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Patient Satisfaction

Improve Your Patient Experience

By delivering high quality patient care, you can:

  • Enhance your organization’s mission
  • Attract and retain skilled staff
  • Secure patient loyalty
  • Excel on hospital satisfaction surveys (HCAHPS, Press Ganey, etc.)
  • Be the hospital of choice in your healthcare community

By focusing on patient-centered care and establishing best practices that drive patient satisfaction, you can produce a consistent, high quality patient experience at your facility.

Soyring understands that the factors with the greatest influence on the well-being of patients in a hospital include supervision, handovers of patient care, clinical responsibilities, patient safety, quality improvement systems, and the effectiveness of interdisciplinary teams.  Our consultants offer assistance in identifying issues in the patient care process and establishing appropriate quality and performance metrics to measure and monitor patient care delivery.

Our combined experience in Clinical Environments, Ancillary  and Support areas along with our expertise in Market Research and Outreach and the increasingly important Financial services impact of patient satisfaction offers your facility a unique approach to developing actionable steps to improve patient satisfaction. Our process typically includes:

Patient Satisfaction

  • Evaluate organizational issues impacting patient satisfaction
  • Recommend process improvements
  • Survey patients at regular intervals including pre- and post-implementation
  • Make adjustments to plans based on feedback
  • Patient safety review
  • Staff/Resident competency
  • Standards of care
  • Education

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Taking Your ED Satisfaction to the Next Level

“I would certainly recommend hiring the Soyring (Consulting) company, and I would hire them again for our medical center. One of the things that they have done is always provide us with information when we've asked for it. They've given us consistent reports and have taken suggestions from us. The things that they have recommended have been things that have worked. The recommendations have been reasonable and implementable and that is what you look for when choosing a consulting company. We've always found them to be knowledgeable and that makes for a good consultant in my book.”


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