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Practice and Clinic Management

Optimize Operations in Your Practice or Clinic

Soyring Consulting, a Press Ganey Solution, strives to promote the best clinical, operational, billing, patient satisfaction, and employee satisfaction engagement. Our evaluations utilize systematic interviews with the organizational stakeholders and staff, coupled with real-time, in-depth observation of workflows and processes. Our team is uniquely capable of evaluating every aspect of clinic practices, ranging from single-provider offices to multiple-site, hospital-based clinics. We offer comprehensive operations reviews, implementation engagements, and interim management services. Our medical clinic team tailors the engagement and implementation measures to the specific needs of your organization and never supplies a one-size-fits-all approach to process or efficiency. We systematically evaluate regulatory compliance, workflows, policies and procedures, training methods, and culture. Our expertise ranges from specialty clinics to primary care. We also offer solutions to fit your current IT infrastructure and meet the organization where it currently stands.

Focus Areas & Offerings:

Alignment – with Physicians and Hospitals
  • Clinical/Hospital Alignment: Hospitals are increasingly taking on outpatient clinic practices. Keeping Hospital and Clinics working toward a common goal can be difficult as organizations become more complex. Soyring Consulting provides a realistic, non-biased evaluation of the organizational needs and provides a workable framework and action plan to keep your stakeholders engaged and heard.
  • Physician Engagement/Alignment: Soyring Consulting advises on professional relationships and associated contracts that facilitates Physician Alignment with the goals of your Organization. We have solutions that foster trust and collaboration between physician leaders and administrative leaders. Physician Engagement is accomplished by understanding provider motivation and goals and leveraging that information to produce buy-in and active participation in change initiatives and system flow.
Billing Capture and Revenue
Soyring Consulting cross references provider documentation and billing to ensure maximum revenue capture for clinic visits. We can also evaluate clinical practice to identify simple workflow and procedural modifications that positively affect the revenue capture without ballooning expenses.
Construction/Expansion Project Management
Our Team develops Project plans and implementation timelines that ensure your project is completed in a timely and cost effective manner. Our Consultants can also take on Project Management responsibilities to free up Hospital Leadership to perform their regular day-to-day duties. Our Project Managers envision the clinical space as a functional environment from day one and ensure your vision is realized. Our Project Managers have clinical, Managerial, and Construction experience that uniquely prepares us to anticipate workflows and downstream difficulties early in the planning process. We minimize last minute changes and save you from headaches and lost capital.
Culture and Staff Satisfaction
  • Conflict Resolution: Our Consultants engage staff genuinely and honestly. We open the lines of communication within your organization and foster an environment of ownership. We specialize in having the hard conversations in a collaborative and healthy way, integrating interpersonal coaching and data to bring your staff to the elusive Ah Ha moment. Our ability to turn the squeaky wheel into the cheerleader is second to none.
  • Employee Engagement: We are experts in finding ways to get staff engaged. We evaluate your current level of engagement and develop novel approaches that encourage staff to understand why they should be plugged in and develop real world incentives that promote deep involvement in the practice.
  • Practice Culture: Practice Culture is one of the most talked about, least understood dynamics in a clinic practice. Most Practices do not consider the culture until a problem arises and then have no idea how to push the culture in a positive direction. Soyring Consulting can pinpoint the good and bad components of your practice culture. We develop and implement real world action plans to improve the sticking points while preserving the best parts of the existing culture.
  • Clinical Workflow: Soyring Consulting evaluates and develops site specific clinic workflows that improve your volume and throughput while simultaneously improving patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes.
  • Organizational Structure: We provide input on and recommend ideal organizational structures that maximize productivity and efficiency while ensuring appropriate work-life balance for your staff. We consider all the peculiarities of your organization coupled with appropriate national benchmarking, keeping your Clinics competitive.
  • Policy Development and Implementation:
  • Our Consultants evaluate and improve your current policies and procedure and can develop them from scratch for new start-ups. We cross reference and address any regulatory concerns, making your workflows more compliant and demonstrable to regulatory bodies.
  • Soyring Consulting implements effective workflows and readily modifies them for real world use should complications arise. Our solutions are created to the specific need of the clinic organization we are working with. We do not offer prefabricated solutions. We enlist clinical and operational staff to ensure buy-in and ready adoption of new workflows.
  • Scheduling and Registration: We evaluate the current scheduling and registration workflows and structure, developing solutions that improve efficiency, throughput, and volume for your practice. Our solutions improve revenue, patient satisfaction, and clinical outcomes.
  • Staffing Efficiency and Modeling: Our Consultants utilize actual clinical and management experience to ensure more efficient staffing of clinical and ancillary resources. We look at the specifics of your current organization and volumes to streamline your staffing while improving outcomes and minimizing cost.
  • Supply Control: Soyring Consulting dives deep into the supply areas and develops supply control procedures that significantly decrease cost while ensuring needed supplies are in place and ready to be used. We find significant savings in reduction of unused and rarely used items and establishing appropriate par levels for frequently used items.
Patient Satisfaction
Patient Satisfaction is a difficult thing to predict. Often, organizations are chasing last quarter’s results only to find they missed the mark in another area, the following quarter. Soyring Consulting develops site specific methods to get managers thinking about patient satisfaction in real time. We provide approaches that allow you to plug in and understand the viewpoint and expectations of your patients. Our recommendations give you confidence that you know what current challenges are present and we can walk you through simple solutions to address those challenges before they affect your bottom line.
Start-up Practices

We have significant experience in starting new practices, supporting key areas such as:

  • Provider recruiting
  • Staff recruiting
  • Practice layout and organization
  • Patient, provider, staff, and materials workflows
  • Policies and procedures
  • Materials integration/stocking
  • Compensation structuring
  • Site determination
  • Marketing and business development
  • Training and education
  • Selecting/Implementing EMR systems
  • Establishing metrics

“Soyring offers quality. I can certainly go with other consultants who, in some ways, are better well-known. These other consulting companies didn’t offer exactly what Soyring was offering. I thought that offering both the management piece as well as the consulting piece was unique.”


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