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Productivity Assessments

Increase Productivity and Performance

During the course of a facility-wide Productivity Assessment, Soyring Consulting team of experts, now part of Press Ganey, conducts a comprehensive productivity and process assessment with the goal of determining appropriate productivity metrics and identifying process inefficiencies for work redesign initiatives. The assessment includes all patient care, clinical support, ancillary support services, and revenue cycle management areas.

Soyring Consulting, a Press Ganey Solution, utilizes several methodologies to understand current operations, increase participation, and validate employee perceptions of each department we review. We develop surveys to both increase participation and act as a platform for discussion in conducting interviews. Observations and data analysis are utilized to confirm perceptions of leadership while reinforcing recommendations we make in the report.

Our approach to developing or validating benchmarks always includes outlining unique factors influencing each department, as well as the optimal skill mix for the department. Our methodology is to provide clients with achievable metrics that are true to operational functions and can be implemented at the unit manager level, while meeting financial goals.

Information obtained as a result of the data analysis, interviews, observations, and questionnaires allows Soyring to identify specific organizational and operating characteristics that impact productivity.

Analysis of operational processes and systems in relationship to their impact on productivity consists of:

  • Analysis of current staff utilization
  • Analysis of impact of operational and functional realities on staffing requirements
  • Analysis of benchmarking techniques and targets
  • Prioritize financial opportunities to achieve new productivity standards
  • Analyze leadership structure to ensure support for strategic plans are in place and future operational/staffing needs will be met
  • Develop recommendations to achieve financial goals
  • Support from a team of experts
Realized Improvements
  • Improved processes
  • Improved productive hours per unit of service
  • Improved patient/staff satisfaction
  • Decreased agency and traveler dollars
  • Identify qualified department project team leaders/committee members to begin the implementation process
  • Initiate targeted improvements
  • Develop action plans with measurable time frames
  • Provide corporate IT / data support
Consultation Goals
  • Improve resource utilization
  • Reduce premium labor
  • Standardize staffing processes
  • Meet or exceed national standards
  • Enhance patient care delivery system
  • Mentor management team in efficient staffing to sustain changes

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Creating a Culture of Quality with Core Measures

“Soyring’s consultants were very knowledgeable in their field. They worked well with the existing culture and community to make the necessary changes and they brought structure and organization to a division that had neither. They had the expertise to do this with the limited resources available.”

Administrator Inpatient Services, Major Hospital

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