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Service Contract Cost Reduction

Find Out How Your Contracts Are Costing You Extra

Many organizations rely on long-term contracts to deliver goods and services in order to deliver care to their patients. Through our experience with clients all over the country, we have knowledge of the contract opportunities and negotiating techniques that our other clients have taken advantage of in order to save money. Whether exploring a new service area or reviewing an existing relationship, we can help.

Contract review: Soyring will review cost-savings opportunities related to contracts with outside parties. This assessment focuses on cost savings in resource/service utilization and resource/service cost.

Equipment and repair contract review: Soyring will review current equipment life cycles and service contracts for equipment maintenance and repair to determine opportunities for the following:

  • Equipment
  • Review of capital equipment purchasing process and plans for the next 3 years
  • Analysis of existing equipment including life cycle and repair contracts for appropriateness and potential cost-savings opportunities
  • Review of leased equipment and comparison to similar facilities for cost and service delivery model for health system

Service contracts review: Soyring will analyze any service contracts at the facility with particular attention paid to biomedical-related repair and service contracts, as well as instrument utilization in clinic and interventional areas.

Based on the findings of the assessments, the consultant team will develop a report to describe findings, recommendations, and identified contract-savings opportunities, and we will assist with implementation of findings.

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“Soyring’s consultant was very knowledgeable and responsive. They communicated clearly with the staff and made recommendations that have positively impacted the department. Great job!”


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