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Staff Scheduling

Save on Labor Costs and Increase Staff Satisfaction

Soyring, now part of Press Ganey, will work with your facility to identify opportunities to save on labor costs. Examples of areas where we can reduce cost by aligning scheduling include the following:

  • Overtime. Overtime can be a result of staff scheduling not matching workload volumes, uncontrolled unscheduled absences, staff assignment mechanisms, patient hand-off processes at shift change, and end-of-shift surges in patient admissions/transfers, tests
  • Pay Practices. We evaluate pay practices for overtime (time and one-half, double time, etc.) and on-call time (short call and call back incentives), as well as shift lengths and shift staggering (to match workload)
  • Patient Care Teams. Developing patient care teams to increase collaboration between clinicians, physicians, and care management to nurture a proactive approach to transitioning patient care to the next appropriate level of care (admission, discharge, transfer) reduces overall costs (shorter LOS or appropriate LOS to achieve ideal outcomes without readmission, and reduction in procedures/tests leads to reduced labor costs)
  • Staff schedules. Reviewing scheduling practices can lead to a reduction in overtime or need for agency supplemental staffing (either in-house or external agency support)
  • On call. Examination of on-call hours versus staffed hours is performed based on the current and projected workload needs and hospital strategic decisions. Our team can clearly demonstrate cost benefit for on-call teams versus staffed departments based on workload requirements


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“Soyring assisted us as far as getting our nurse staffing under control, which helped to increase productivity and reduce salary costs. As we transitioned our QI department, Soyring also worked very closely with the physician who had taken over QI to help him transition to his position and help reorganize the department to meet our needs. Currently, we are in the process of establishing new standards both clinically and productivity-wise for our Emergency Department and Soyring has been very involved in that process.”


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