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Strategic Planning

Healthcare Strategy Solutions to Help You Achieve Your Vision

Successful healthcare organizations develop short- and long-term growth through the constant evaluation of future-focused operational and financial goals. Soyring Consulting, a Press Ganey Solution, assists in this process by observing a healthcare facility and aiding the organization in identifying opportunities for growth. We are able to recommend, evaluate, and provide planning for these future-focused goals with our healthcare strategy consultants.

We help your hospital become a leader in the industry, attract high-quality staff and health experts, and establish cutting-edge services for your community. By reviewing current operational realities and working with the best market research, we provide detailed, strategic-focused healthcare strategy solutions to address environmental concerns.

We tailor all of our healthcare strategy consulting recommendations and feedback to the needs, timelines, and objectives of the hospital.

Focus Areas & Offerings:

Analysis of Local Market

Our Clinical and Operational Improvement Consulting experts can identify areas to perform an in-depth review based on each client’s needs. Soyring utilizes data from a variety of sources for research and analysis including federal, state, proprietary databases, and hospital-provided data. Specific areas reviewed include:

  • Patient demographics/disease states by ZIP code
  • Admission trends by service line and sub-specialty
  • Market drivers (referrals, satisfaction, geographic impact)
  • Competitive landscape by type
  • Physician analysis
Assessment of Hospital or Health System

In order to determine the strategic priorities and potential for the hospital or health system, we must analyze current standings and operations. This process includes data analysis, interviews with key stakeholders, and surveys with important groups or constituencies. Areas reviewed include:

  • Planning responsibilities
    • Volume trends by service line and sub-specialty
    • Market share by service line
    • Anticipated/projected volumes by department, services line
  • Strategic direction
    • Review of current strategic initiatives by each area
    • Current strategic process and thinking
  • Operational structure
    • Organizational structure
    • Quality & patient satisfaction survey results and key indicators
  • Financial outcomes
    • Reimbursement analysis
    • Over- and underperforming areas
  • Facilities requirements
Environmental Impact

Once we have a strong understanding of the local market and the current operations, Soyring will review other factors impacting the strategic direction of the hospital. These will include:

  • Current trajectory and competitive positioning
    • Local trends analysis in market share and brand equity
  • Care Continuum and Accountable Care Organizations
    • Review of service adequacy across the continuum and competitive position by category: Primary Care, Physician Groups, Outpatient Services, Inpatient Care, Sub-Acute and Long-term Care
  • Regulatory and risk concerns
    • Local and federal issues that may impact decision-making
Financial Analysis & Scenario Planning

Based on the strategic and demographic analysis, we can determine a financial outlook for your facility based on a variety of scenarios. This financial analysis or pro forma will include:

  • Reimbursement analysis
    • Payor environment
    • Service line impacts
    • Extent of uncompensated care
    • Trending and scenario planning for future state
    • Current contract terms/lengths
  • Financial strength analysis
    • Cash flow
    • Margin analysis
    • Debt structure
    • Age of facility
    • Other assets
  • Financial Strategy Scenario Planning
    • Capital requirements
    • Return on Investment
    • Profitability
    • Prioritization

If you are building a new department, moving into a new property, or expanding a facility, then consider our healthcare Facility Planning, Design & Development resources. We offer customers an operationally-focused approach to such upgrades or construction projects.

If the facility is already up and running, look into our Market Positioning resources. We help healthcare organizations build their brand and increase their presence within their communities.

Feasibility Studies

The only way a healthcare organization can grow is if its short and long-term goals are clearly identified and broken down into actionable steps. We will analyze the organization to ensure its operations, staff, and general mission can be optimized for growth.

Our team evaluates the data and market research and develops a primary healthcare strategy to help each healthcare organization grow. The market research and analysis of demographic data and growth as well as volume projections ensures that goals can be supported, implemented, and attained.

We assess:

Costs for New Services and Processes
  • Cost of initiating service and/or process
  • Recruitment and training of staff
  • Branding, marketing techniques, and development
  • Supply costs and equipment expenses
Ongoing expenses
  • Labor/training
  • Maintenance of equipment and facility
  • Additional growth goals and initiatives
  • Supplies
Potential Market Value
  • Breakdown of clients and customers
  • Assessments by disease state
  • Competitive analysis
  • Market analysis and planning
Comparative analysis
  • Evaluation of market value, costs and expenses, as well as income
  • Determination of Feasibility Analysis and SWOT
Hospital Market Positioning

Using our research-driven hospital marketing analysis and planning approach, we can ensure that you will position yourself to reach the right audiences, with the right messages, about the right services. We start by using our extensive knowledge in healthcare operations to set the best strategy in place for growth. We then make sure the services that comprise the backbone of your strategy are successful. The end result: Satisfied customers and successful departments.

See Market Positioning for more information including our capabilities in Market Research, Outreach Planning, Physician Relations, and Community Needs Assessments.


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“Soyring Consulting was with us for nine months and made tremendous strides with the staff and implementation of changes.”

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