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Strategy & Facility Planning

Soyring, now part of Press Ganey, has extensive experience in strategic and facility planning having performed engagements throughout the country for hospitals and health systems. We have helped organizations develop service lines, ambulatory care networks, and physician alignment strategies for a variety of growth-focused projects. We have also helped organizations design new, more flexible models of care for their new facilities focused on efficient utilization of resources and improved quality.

We utilize our extensive operational expertise to bring a clinical and data-driven approach to master planning engagements, helping organizations make strategic capital decisions for the long-term. Additionally, we assist organizations in the intensive process of activating a new space by leading the clinical and operational planning, education, and process redesign needs for occupying a new space.

Some of our strategy and facility planning services include:


Featured Resource:


Managing Bottlenecks to Increase Perioperative Efficiency

“The staff that Soyring brings to the facility was essentially members of our hospital family. We treated them like management staff here at the hospital. They participated in other meetings besides just focusing on the projects. They had vision of the broader goals and strategic objectives of the hospital and were instrumental in carrying out the hospital’s mission overall not just for the project that we hired them for.”


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