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Supply Chain Management

Improve Supply System Management and Controls

Establishing and maintaining an efficient supply chain is a multi-dimensional investment for hospitals. While supply acquisition costs alone account for a significant portion of your facility's spend, the remaining portion of your materials budget is largely comprised of product receiving, maintenance, and disposal costs, requiring more than a little time and money to facilitate.

With the proven experience of Soyring Consulting, a Press Ganey Solution,  your facility can avoid critical oversights in the areas of inventory management and control, purchase ordering, and many other aspects of supply chain management that can significantly affect the financial well-being and accountability of your healthcare practice.

Our streamlined solutions are always highly customized to meet your unique needs while sparing ample time and money.

Focus Areas & Offerings:

Charge Capture
Inaccurate product entries in your Materials Management system can have drastic implications on the transparency of your purchasing process. Systems (both automated and manual) often contain products that are no longer being used, interface with rarely updated systems (preference cards), contain product duplicates and are missing new products; ultimately compromising your data integrity. Inaccurate data can lead to futile negotiation efforts with vendors and frustrating conversations with physicians and department leadership. Our Clinical and Operational Consulting experts can evaluate your Materials Management systems and processes to ensure that you are accurately capturing the materials used and the system is being updated appropriately, while optimizing the associated labor and automation costs.
Equipment and Property Management

When establishing a process that ensures that equipment is effectively managed, we can assist by evaluating property and equipment by department. We will then assist in:

  • Determining the lifetime use and depreciation date
  • Review the monitoring, preventative maintenance, and repair process for equipment
  • Analyze the processes for removing old equipment/property and purchasing new equipment/property
Inventory Control
Our team will review par levels and inventory on hand to provide objective information on where your facility stands. Our experience allows us to pinpoint areas in need of process improvement to ensure that par levels are appropriate and the dollar amounts of inventory are not excessive.
Materials Cost Reduction

We assist in analyzing your data against benchmarks, renegotiating contracts, using our clinicians to help change behavior and monitor savings. Our expertise lies in creating change within difficult to administer physician preference categories using the assistance of our clinical consultants.

Find out more about materials standardization and cost-saving strategies »

Purchase Ordering
We will review your product valuation process, contract compliance, and consignment process to ensure your facility is benefiting from uniform vendor standards and limiting exposure to risk.
Receiving and Distribution
Inventory locations, stocking, and distribution processes are often some of the biggest "dissatisfiers" among departments served by Materials Management. Our team will evaluate your materials flow and distribution process to identify deficiencies, successes, and interfacing department issues to recommend distribution changes and create satisfied customers.
Staffing and Scheduling
Determining how to best utilize staff within your department can be difficult with limited resources, demanding departments, fluctuating volumes, and shifting priorities. Our team will analyze your current staffing structure, downtime utilization, review departmental needs, and consider any major facility changes to recommend optimal staffing based on your resources. We can then provide you with the ideal work flows, work assignments, and scheduling.
Storage and Handling
Optimizing your space utilization is often a daunting task with variable clinical needs and constraints on materials storage and locations. Our materials consultants determine optimal location for supplies, whether in a new or existing space. We specialize in working with difficult to handle areas such as case cart systems, specialty item storage (specialty packs/instruments/implants) and standardization on units.
Regardless of the state of your current supply chain, we employs professionals with the versatility and training to meet every client's needs. For the better part of a decade, we have been honing our practices to provide actionable solutions to meet the unique needs of your facility.


“From our initial contact with your firm to the final report out, your team exhibited the highest level of professionalism, respect, knowledge, and demonstration of proven results one should seek from all consulting engagements. You have assembled a team that is truly top-notched! Working with your firm has empowered our Central Processing Department in so many ways and we are thankful for your assistance, expertise, and commitment during our engagement!”


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