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Support Services

Ensure Your Support Departments Meet Customer Needs

Our reputation for success is a direct result of our commitment to determining timely solutions, empowering skilled and objective management, and acting with innovation, professionalism, and a proven hands-on approach. Our staff consists of highly experienced leaders in hospital support areas such as Food and Nutrition, Environmental Services, Biomedical Engineering, and Pharmacy.

Focus Areas & Offerings:

Key Principles
  • Timely Solutions
  • Experienced Staff
  • Accelerated Change Process
Key Deliverables
  • Assume Departmental Leadership or Mentor Existing Leadership
  • Process Improvement
  • Develop and Enhance "Customer" Relationships
  • Provide Staff Support
  • Deliverable Tracking
Biomedical Engineering

Our consultants can assist your hospital in delivering high quality, cost-effective biomedical and clinical engineering and technology management services to its patients. We can review the hospital medical technology profile, identify any problem areas and risk exposure, and provide solutions for short and long-term improvement of biomedical and clinical engineering and technology support.

  • Regulatory compliance and standards
  • Best practices
  • Equipment purchasing
  • Contract consulting and consolidation
  • Vendor service referrals
  • Staff job descriptions/roles & responsibilities and performance
Environmental Services

Our consultants take the time to understand your hospital’s needs – from daily operations to long-term success. We make recommendations to meet your facility’s goals of higher quality, enhanced physical appearance, increased patient satisfaction, and reduced hospital acquired infections.

  • Laundry and Housekeeping
  • Roles & Responsibilities
    • Recommendations and delineation between EVS and other departments, as well as EVS and contracted services
  • Financial analysis, including outsourcing/insourcing
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Infection Control
Food & Nutrition

Soyring Consulting can make recommendations in the following areas:

  • Management of day-to-day operations of the department
  • Leadership and direction in planning departmental activities (both patient and nonpatient foods)
    • Food to patients, employees, and visitors through the patient tray service, cafeterias, retail outlets, meeting/conference center and/or special functions
  • Policies and procedures
    • Efficient techniques, methods, products, and equipment
  • Staffing levels
    • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Quality of food production and nutrition care
  • Financial analysis
  • Regulatory compliance

A Soyring Pharmacy consultation provides solutions based on data analysis, observations, and interviews. Solutions will be specific to the areas reviewed including:

  • Inventory Management
    • Preparing and dispensing medications
    • Distribution and location
    • Automated systems
    • Controlled substance and medication security
    • Inspection processes for all medication storage areas
    • After hours non-pharmacist access to pharmacy and medication areas
    • Structure/drug offerings
  • Operational Process and Workflow
    • Medication ordering and transcribing
    • Receipt of medication orders and types of orders
    • Preparing, labeling and dispensing
    • Distribution
    • Order entry and verification
    • Interdepartmental relationships
    • Medication administration policies and procedure
  • Quality Standards
    • Pharmacy standards of compliance
    • Regulatory compliance
  • Patient Safety
    • Monitoring medication effects
    • Process for evaluating adverse medication events
    • Processes for managing high risk; high-alert medications
    • Process for monitoring patient response to newly added medication

Soyring’s Rehab Consultants will analyze your scope of service and operations by location to review the following:

  • Scheduling and Hours of Operation
  • Staff work assignments and performance
  • Labor and skill mix
  • Patient mix impact on operations
  • Regulatory compliance and standards (including best practice)
  • Efficiency of contracted service(s)

“Soyring Consulting was with us for nine months and made tremendous strides with the staff and implementation of changes.”


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