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Surgical Services

Improve Surgical Operations to Drive Growth

Soyring and Press Ganey's Clinical and Operational Consulting experts has extensive knowledge and expertise within the entire perioperative care system. During an engagement, our Consultants aim to achieve rapid results for your Surgical Services department. Examples include decreased cost per case, enhanced Surgeon and Anesthesia satisfaction, and improved internal processes.

Focus Areas & Offerings:


Our experts can assess your healthcare organization’s Anesthesia services by recommending appropriate organization structuring/leadership in the department, reviewing service issues, and reviewing Anesthesia market compensation factors. To learn the current status of your Anesthesia Department, our Anesthesia assessment includes a review of the following areas:

  • Organizational Structure
  • Staffing/Scheduling
    • Work assignments/workload, hours of coverage, case scheduling practices
    • Anesthesia involvement and protocols
  • Pre- and Post- Anesthesia Care
  • PACU Admission/Discharge criteria
  • Patient/family communication
  • Department Financials
    • Budget, reimbursements/subsidies, charging/billing practices, payor mix
  • Anesthesia Group Contracts
The health and safety of patients entering your facility’s endoscopy department are of paramount importance. As part of an Endoscopy Consultation, our experienced team can assess current practices at your facility, including scope reprocessing, operational workflow, and overall department operations related to infection control practices. Our team works with management, staff, and physicians to evaluate all areas of the endoscopy department, including endoscopy suites, prep and recovery, and scope reprocessing areas.
We are committed to providing customized, cost-effective service and sustainable results that will save your Surgical Services department both time and money. We begin by analyzing processes and then providing solutions in the following areas:


  • Patients and Families
  • Surgeons
  • Anesthesiologists
  • Staff


  • Cost per Case or Unit of Service
  • Revenue per Case or Unit of Service
  • Clinical Revenue Enhancement
  • Cost Reduction Strategies

Special Projects/Events


  • Room Utilization
  • First Case On-time Start
  • Scheduling Process
  • Staffing/Productivity Management
  • Materials Management/Utilization
  • Sterile Processing
  • Staff Vacancy
  • Staff Turnover Rates
  • Room Turnover and Downtime

Strategic Growth

  • Surgical Case
  • Volume by Time of Day / Day of Week Volume Trends
  • Future Strategies to Increase Volume
  • Staff Development and Education Needs
  • Service Expansion
OR Materials

Industry-wide materials costs continue to see significant percentage increases and represent a significant portion of a hospital’s expenses on a per case basis. With budgets and goals being only one piece of the metric puzzle, our experienced Materials consultants address the root issues and opportunities for improvement within your organization. The methodology used focuses on identifying and responding to the key processes having significant impact on supply-related operational efficiencies and cost reduction opportunities.

Our comprehensive approach identifies materials opportunities and develops solutions to capitalize on these opportunities. Implementing an efficient and sustainable approach to effectively assess and control supply/equipment can help hospitals quickly reduce waste while improving both short- and long-term bottom-line results.

Find out more about materials standardization and cost-saving strategies.

Sterile Processing

A Sterile Processing department is an integral part of Surgical Services and is critical to other areas within the hospital. A Sterile Processing Consultation consists of a detailed analysis of current operational processes followed by recommendations that will ensure the delivery of instrumentation and equipment needed for patient care. Some focus areas of Sterile Processing department operations include:

  • Staffing
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Instrument Processing

"The Soyring consultant was a joy to work with. She was well liked by the staff but brought increased discipline and improved processes in the department."


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