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Six Pitfalls of OR Preference Card Management

Avoiding the Obstacles of Preference Card Management

There are approximately 5,690 hospitals currently in the USA, which means that there are more than 5,500 groups of well-educated professionals struggling with the dilemma of how to keep the Operating Room (OR) preference cards accurate and current.

However many resources are invested in the effort, the payoffs have been demonstrated time and time again:

  • Decrease in delays
  • Reduction in costs and wasted supplies
  • Increase in physician satisfaction
  • Decline in staff frustration

Hopefully, the vast majority of those OR Departments have migrated to computerized scheduling and documentation systems that include automated preference cards for each surgeon and procedure. If electronic preference cards are integrated or interfaced with other pertinent information systems (Materials Management, SPD, and Biomedical), then the job of optimizing and maintaining the preference cards will be easier as long as the six pitfalls discussed here are avoided.

What are these six pitfalls, and how can we avoid them?

Download today to access the following information:

  • The six pitfalls associated with OR preference card management
  • Insights regarding why these pitfalls occur
  • Detailed solutions for avoiding each pitfall


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