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Making the Most of Your Benchmarking System

How to Compare to National Standards, Internal Progress Over Time, and Other Best-in-Class Hospitals

The overarching goal of benchmarking both patient quality factors and labor productivity is to make the most out of each patient dollar to provide the best care possible. The process is neither simple nor quick, but its ongoing impact can be substantial.

Contrary to practices undertaken at some hospitals, benchmarking should not be limited to comparisons with national averages. Rather, facilities have the opportunity to review peer hospitals to determine what they are doing effectively, and how you can do equal or better.


Download today to read practical benchmarking information and learn next steps for establishing or updating your facility's benchmarks:

  • Identifying underlying operational issues
  • Considerations with regard to CMS
  • Metrics to monitor and analyze
  • Different approaches to consider
  • Avoiding bad data


About Soyring Consulting

Soyring Consulting provides managerial and operational consulting services to healthcare facilities of all sizes, including For-profit, Not-for-profit, Community, University, and Faith-based facilities and systems. Two of our key areas of focus are Chart Audits & Clinical Records Review and Appeals & Denials Consulting.

Soyring Consultants are highly experienced in conducting quality assurance reviews in all aspects of the hospital and their effectiveness to sustain facility best practices, as well as ensure the department or hospital is consistent with administrative rules, licensing standards, and state regulations.

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