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Materials Cost Savings From Start to Finish

Learn How to Successfully Manage Materials to Save on Costs

Materials cost savings is a delicate proposition.  The need to meet or exceed long-term goals must balance with the handling of short-term problems. It is essential to the success of the healthcare facility that its practices and processes operate at a high level of efficency. 

Can your facility run more efficiently? Are there ways you can improve your processes? 

Download today to access the following information:

  • Steps to successfully manage materials from start to finish
  • Common problems for capturing charges for OR supplies and equipment
  • Steps to resolve charge capture inaccuracies 


About Soyring Consulting

Soyring Consulting provides managerial and operational consulting services to healthcare facilities of all sizes, including For-profit, Not-for-profit, Community, University, and Faith-based facilities and systems.

Soyring Consultants are highly experienced in conducting quality assurance reviews in all aspects of the hospital and their effectiveness to sustain facility best practices, as well as ensure the department or hospital is consistent with administrative rules, licensing standards, and state regulations.

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