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The Two-Midnight Rule: Everything You Need to Know

Learn About the Implications of the Two-Midnight Rule and How to Overcome Its Challenges

Over the years, both doctors and hospitals have been given a fair amount of discretion to determine whether a patient should be admitted to the hospital or treated as an outpatient and placed in observation status. Hospitals often leave it up to a physician’s clinical judgment as to whether to admit a patient.

But now lines are being drawn, and the decision to admit someone relies less upon a physician’s inclinations and discretion, and more upon a specific rule.


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  • Everything you need to know about the two-midnight rule
  • The importance of documentation when dealing with the rule
  • A checklist of questions that will be asked during an audit of documentation under this new standard
  • Strategies that will help you and your facility operate successfully under the rule

About Soyring Consulting

Soyring Consulting provides managerial and operational consulting services to healthcare facilities of all sizes, including For-profit, Not-for-profit, Community, University, and Faith-based facilities and systems. Two of our key areas of focus are Chart Audits & Clinical Records Review and Appeals & Denials Consulting.

Soyring Consultants are highly experienced in conducting quality assurance reviews in all aspects of the hospital and their effectiveness to sustain facility best practices, as well as ensure the department or hospital is consistent with administrative rules, licensing standards, and state regulations.

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