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Women's & Children's Services

Meet the Needs of Women and Children throughout their Healthcare Journey

Adult women are the primary decision makers for their family’s healthcare choices and also for themselves accounting for 57% of healthcare expenses, largely related to the need for reproductive healthcare services. Therefore, connecting with women early in their reproductive years can cement a long-term family and lifespan relationship with healthcare providers and organizations. Every woman’s personal family and healthcare situation is unique; therefore, the services provided and the location of those services need to be tailored to meet the care of women and those important to her throughout the lifespan.

Soyring’s team, now part of Press Ganey, has experience at more than 1,000 healthcare facilities and systems nationwide and is able to review all relevant aspects of Women’s and Children’s Services, including the following:

  • Maternal/Newborn: Prenatal, Ob Triage, L&D, Postpartum, Mother-Baby
  • Neonatal Intensive Care and pediatric services
  • Maternal Fetal Medicine: Genetic Counseling, High Risk Pregnancy, Antepartum
  • Women’s Health: Gynecology, Breast, Urology
  • Staffing and care models based on specialty recommended staffing guidelines
  • Model of care delivery
  • Physician practice and clinic operations
  • Market analysis and strategies for growth
  • Women’s and Children’s facility and program design

Our team works with management, staff, and physicians to evaluate all areas of Women’s and Children’s Services, including OB triage, labor and delivery, postpartum, LDRP, nursery, NICU, pediatrics, PICU as well as other patient populations such as GYN surgical, female medical patients, and non-birthing OB populations cared for on Women’s Services inpatient units and outpatient areas.

“Soyring’s consultant was very knowledgeable and responsive. They communicated clearly with the staff and made recommendations that have positively impacted the department. Great job!”


Ready to Improve the Healthcare Journey of Women and Children?

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