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Workforce Strategy

Of the two key drivers in cost--labor and materials--labor stands as the area of cost that many hospital leaders are reluctant to pursue. An inclusionary and holistic approach to labor productivity can, however, create positive change to satisfaction, quality outcomes, and productivity metrics. Our approach always includes outlining unique factors influencing each department, as well as the optimal skill mix for the department. Our methodology is to provide clients with achievable metrics that are true to operational functions and can be implemented at the unit level. Our team includes specialists in each department of focus which enables us to successfully achieve the facility’s goals while maintaining and improving quality patient care.

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From Finance to the Front Line: Strategies for Gaining Productivity Buy-in

“Soyring assisted us as far as getting our nurse staffing under control, which helped to increase productivity and reduce salary costs. As we transitioned our QI department, Soyring also worked very closely with the physician who had taken over QI to help him transition to his position and help reorganize the department to meet our needs. Currently, we are in the process of establishing new standards both clinically and productivity-wise for our Emergency Department and Soyring has been very involved in that process.“


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